Babies on the brain

I am in a period of life where many of my peers are starting or building on to their families. It is an exciting and difficult time with many mixed emotions as I wrestle with my own losses and hopes for a family yet. Depending on the day, that can be both thrilling and emotionally draining.

Mother’s Day Eve

As I lay in bed on Mother’s Day eve, I feel my heart beating- Just my one, not our three. Anxious and sad, it goes steadily on. Reminding me of your own little hearts, the ones now gone. With each beat in my chest, I feel and remember. At least for awhile, they all beat… Continue reading Mother’s Day Eve

Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal

Today it is hard for me to feel the Easter joy I see other families celebrating and I think of our boys who we will never be able to celebrate with here on Earth.  However, there is great significance in this day and the teaching that even in death there is hope and new life.… Continue reading Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal